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Articles about video games, or which explicitly involve video games in their discussion (implicitly they influence all my writing). Video games are important and shall be shown the proper respect.

One of the earliest articles on this blog. It brings forth ten games, from Bioshock to World of Warcraft, to challenge popular prejudices and assert video games' legitimacy as both an art form and vehicle for critical commentary on the world.

A more developed discussion of the eleven games that have most profoundly influenced my thinking. (Featuring Rallo Gump, Loom, Star Control 2, Carmen Sandiego, C&C, Discworld, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Pokémon, Ultima VII and VIII, World of Warcraft, and Monster Girl Quest.)

Because video games happen to have unique strengths in both representing and challenging one of the world's most universal narrative archetypes.

In which Planescape: Torment and a few other games help confront some mendacious platitudes which society deploys to punish people with mental health problems.

The king of MMORPGs has been a defining presence in my life. Already almost a decade in at the opening of this blog, this article was a snapshot of what it meant to me.

No king rules forever. World of Warcraft's moral implosion at the end of 2019, when the company behind this game of heroic struggle against oppression threw in their lot with those oppressing the heroes of the land of my youth, Hong Kong.
From five video games, five forms of power for enduring and making sense of the nightmares of 2020.

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