Gender, Sexuality, Love

Three vitally important themes of humankind, whose spectacular mistakes therein have spilt blood and tears beyond reckoning. These articles explore these and ask why it has cost us so much struggle to come to terms with them.

A discussion on why the problem of gender is gender - including what it means (and what it does not mean), and why it ruins us all. An old article that reflects some of my early thinking on this topic, prior to exposure to the more recent developments in the discourse.

Sex and sexuality are not, in themselves, harmful. However, a social consciousness of sex made of violence, subjection, prejudice, hysteria and conflict, is. This article examines why all over the world, we desperately need to defeat the taboos and develop a more sober, informed and rigourous conversation around sex and sexuality.
A more personal exploration of something so crucial yet so misunderstood; on pain that transcends all pain; and on why by breaking hearts, we break our entire world.

A World Without Gender
A short poem.
This is my Master's dissertation: the story on the epic struggle to get the problem of hostility to sexual diversity recognised in international politics. It examines the heroes and villains of this saga, and how this issue reflects on humanity's long, long struggle against exclusion more widely.

Three Myths in the Struggle Against Gender
A three-part series looking at some deep assumptions we must uproot if we are to resolve the gender problems of this world.
1) The Myth of Natural Origin
2) The Myth of Modernity
3) The Myth of the Others

The Strange Case of Sex Segregation in Japanese Hot Springs
Most of us today take it for granted that hot springs segregate men and women. In fact, this was a recent change that ended hundreds of years of mixed bathing. This article examines why it changed, and why this segragation undermines the very essence of the onsen's heritage.
The Obscenity of Obscenity - or, Get Off My Ship
A discussion of why "obscenity" is a dangerous concept that has no business existing in laws and moral judgements.

A Tribute to Tortured Souls
On Valentine's Day 2013, a day of the year co-opted to celebrate love and relationships, a call to remember those forsaken in these by a broken world - and a reminder that there are no star-crossed lovers, only society-crossed lovers.

Kanamara Matsuri - 'Festival of the Steel Phallus'
A religious festival in Kawasaki City, celebrated with symbols of exactly what the name implies. But its background in folklore and spiritual dimensions are deeper than they may look. Also, cute turtles.
No Morality In Prejudice - or Beneath the Schoolgrounds, It Lies Dreaming
On how hostility to sexual diversity, as virulent as anywhere in the world, still lurks in the depths of Britain; this article is a warning to those who would waken its supplicant forces.

On Kabuki
Japanese kabuki theatre has a history full of gendered twists and turns. For one thing, women are currently banned from performing even though a woman invented it in the first place.

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