Monday, 28 November 2011

Mt. Ōyama

To the west of Tokyo rise the Tanzawa mountains, whose breathtaking forested slopes and ridges loom upon the city's outer reaches. A popular place to hike, as evidenced by the masses of people on the paths and summit of Mount Ōyama, from where I watched the autumn struggle in late this year.

Click below for a lot of photos!

My first sighting of Mount Fuji since arriving in Japan:

Towards the summit:

The queues for the lavatories. Two or three cubicles does not adequately service the hundreds of persons present. The discrepancy between the two queues – compare left (male) and right (female) – is also quite commonplace...

And here you can just make out Yokohama (the tall buildings) emerging from the murk.

This mountain has spiritual significance, with two shrines and a temple (not to mention a load of food and souvenir shops, in connection with which I must recommend the enormous dango on sale). The hike concluded with a tram ride down the east side and a visit to a local onsen (public hot spring/bathing facilities: an important institution in Japanese life, the many themes of which might later get a post to themselves).

Tremendous thanks to Mr. Tsunoda Yoshihiko for organizing this excursion.

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