Tuesday, 26 February 2013

'Rabbit and Grow Fat'

This impressive creature lives at an establishment called 'Rabbit and Grow Fat'.

Essentially it's a rabbit café – a relatively recent extension upon Japan's more famous cat café concept, only with bunnies. In this case you pay 1000 yen for an hour of interaction with some twenty rabbits, each with his or her own personality, and a complimentary hot or cold drink. An additional 100 yen gets you a plate of vegetable matter to feed them.

What you will discover, if you are not already familiar with bunnies, is that they are extremely efficient both in seeking out and consuming inputs...

...and producing outputs, with little interest in what or whom those are dispensed upon.

No, that isn't water on there.
Apparently this can provide good experience for people considering getting rabbits as pets. This pair was especially intent on devouring anything in sight come what may.

This fellow was less consumptive, preferring instead to bounce around a lot with all the fur going up and down on every hop.

Whereas this fellow is just plain mental. He hyperactively hurtles around, chomps and rattles on anything made of wood, and hurls back the carpet for no apparent reason. Then you get him upside down, and he becomes as peaceful as Article 9 of the Japanese constitution.

Moments later he was to exit this cubicle, leaving only a great yellow puddle as proof he was there.

This one's called Figaro, and is approximately the size of a small asteroid.

And this bunny, by the name of Chamu, is a fuzzy, chubby torpedo who steams from corner to corner, leaving an inexorable wake of liquid and solid deposits.

This one was shyer than the others.

For those intent on making some new furry friends (and you should be), this café has branches in Harajuku and Jiyugaoka. Both are only a few minutes' walk from their respective stations – click the links for maps.

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