Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I am still here

…although I will not deny that the thought of bringing this blog to a close has come to mind of late.

After writing here regularly for the past six years, I am now attempting to rebuild my life after the disastrous ordeal of my final years in Japan. For now I am preferring to focus on that, rather than this blog. I post this short note only as reassurance that the blog is not dead, and that I hope to go on developing it in future (and also, perhaps, so first-timers here do not get my bitter deconstructions of happiness and gratitude as the first things that show up when they open it).

Those of you who have been following will have seen how those recent experiences took my writing here in a much darker direction. The articles and poems that emerged from that crisis will remain up, because they are a sincere reflection of what this period has been like, and because, as I state on the introductory page (go here first if you haven’t already), I believe it is important that the issues involved in mental health problems, especially those that relate to structural failings in society, be dealt with in an open, frank and critical manner.

For now, please feel free to explore the last few years’ worth of articles through the category tabs or the links on the intro page. In one form or another, this work will continue. It cannot be stopped. A world based on love, free from all the cruelties of gender and where no-one is left behind, will be realized.

If you too are interested in this goal, or in what I do more generally, I am eager to make contact with you. Please feel free to reach out to me with a message through the blog's Facebook page (button on the right).

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