Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Walking Wall

17th March 2016

It's a wall.
What is there to see? It's only a walking wall.
A walking wall with a drawing of a sad face on it.
Nothing more than a wall.

How should I know how long it's been there? It's a wall. It sits there. It walks around. That's what walls do.
Let's talk with people instead. What point is there in talking to a wall?
A walking wall with a drawing of a sad face on it.
Come on, let's go. It's not as though walls need friends.
Walls can't talk. That sound is just bits of stone crumbling off. It's not as though it means something.
Walls don't cry. That's just the rain water leaking out through its holes.
Walls don't scream. That's just the wind howling through its cracks.
Such shoddy construction. What an ugly wall. I don't want to look at it. Come on, let's go and do happy things instead.
Only a fool would waste time on a wall.

Walls neither happen nor are happened to. They are just there.
You don't think about a wall. It is just there.
You don't talk to a wall. You stand next to it and talk to people.
You don't laugh with a wall. You sit on it and laugh with people.
You don't love a wall. You hide behind it and pretend to love people.
You don't care for a wall. You care for the people on one side and hate the people on the other.
The wall is just there. That is all. It is not as though it sees or hears you doing these things.

Look out!
That was close, the damn thing almost fell on you!
What were you thinking? That the wall wants a hug? What the heck would a wall need hugs for?
Dodgy, creepy, dangerous wall! You hurt people on purpose, don't you? Kick. Kick.
You should kick it too. It's fine to beat and shout at a wall. It's not as though a wall feels pain.

Well, this worthless thing could fall down at any moment. Let's leave it here and go and do something fun.
Hmph. Next you'll be saying the wall is lonely and wants to come with us. But you know, it's only a wall.
Walls have no empathy. Why give them attention? They will only make you upset.
Who would ever want a negative wall like this anyway? This walking, crying, howling wall with a drawing of a sad face on it.
Only a fool would love a wall.


Every wall must fall one day
Collapse to dust and blow away in the wind.
The walking wall longs for that day.
Oh, how it longs.

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